Le Boulanger
The Bakery/Café Concept

The bakery/café concept is rooted in the old-world traditions of patisseries and panetterias, and Le Boulanger, the Bay Area’s premier bread bakery, firmly follows that tradition.

Old World European bakeries produced a wide variety of freshly baked breads and pastries and offered an unusual amenity - a casual cafe area where customers could enjoy fresh baked goods and the company of community. Gourmet sandwiches became a mainstay on a menu that expanded to include foods like hearty soups and fresh salads that further complemented the house specialty breads. This dining concept caught on and quickly spread to the United States, and the bakery/café concept was born. 

Today, a bakery/café can best be described as a food retail establishment that bakes breads and pastries, offers a simple dining menu, and provides an area for a casual cafe dining experience.

The bakery/café has a universal appeal that encompasses diverse market segments. Le Boulanger can be a destination for a young mother to enjoy a casual breakfast or lunch with the children as well as a power-lunch spot for Silicon Valley professionals. Seniors enjoy the moderate prices as well as the casual ambiance.

Le Boulanger remains committed to providing the freshness and quality customers expected from Old World patisseries, and continue to expect from Le Boulanger almost thirty years after joining the Silicon Valley landscape.